National Pet ID Week | April 2018

National Pet ID Week | April 2018

Proper Identification can help bring your pet home!

Pet ID tags, along with microchipping, ensures your pet can be identified and it is recommended to use both forms of identification. 1 in 3 pets will become lost in their lifetime and pet ID tags are the primary and fastest way that you can be contacted if your pet is found. Even if your pet is microchipped, an ID tag is still of the utmost importance - not all shelters or city pounds have the capability to scan for a microchip.

Tags should contain information such as your pet's name, contact number, city registration number or medical needs. Someone who notices a pet wearing a collar and tag is more likely to approach the animal and contact you through the information on the tag.


 Tips for keeping your pets safe

Get your pet registered with your local municipality - If a pet is wearing a tag with their municipal registration number and is picked up by local authorities, the owner can be notified with the registered information the town/city has on file.

An updated ID Tag is very important - if you move or change your phone number, remember to update your tag. It is also recommended to have multiple tags on hand, in the event you switch their collar or lose a tag.

Have your pet micro-chipped - This tiny implant between a pet's shoulder blades contains identifying information that a veterinarian or shelter can scan to find out whom the pet belongs to. If your pet is already micro-chipped, keep the registered information up to date.

Secure and supervise your pet in a fenced yard or on a leash - Some missing pets are often a result of being in an unsecured area or off leash. Even within a secured yard, a pet should always be supervised - it only takes a few minutes for your pet to get bored and look for alternative forms of stimulation (like digging a hole under the fence).

Double check those exterior doors & gates - Always double check to ensure all exterior doors, windows and gates are secure. It only takes a gust of wind to blow open a door or gate allowing your pet to roam. Ensure all window screens are free from holes - a curious kitty can turn those holes into an exit very quickly.


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