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  • How You Doin? (Friends)

    If your pet is 'smooth' like Joey on Friends, then our 'How You Doin?' pet ID tag is perfect for any Friends fan.
  • Straight Outta Rescue

    Did you adopt your pet? and a fan of the movie Straight Outta Compton? Either way, our parody pet tag 'Straight Outta Rescue' is a perfect fit for your pet!
  • Gryffindor Uniform (Harry Potter)

    Is your pet attending Hogwarts? Did the Sorting Hat sort your pet into Gryffindor? Wear these school colors with pride!
  • Top Dog

    Are you a Top Gun fan? Perhaps you named your dog after one of the characters? Or maybe your dog is "Top Dog" - Either way, this tag will look great on your pet's collar!
  • Superman (Dog/Cat)

    A Superman/Supergirl fan would love this tag. Designed in a playful, cartoon style, it is believed to be the pup-tonian symbol of 'hope' and will look great on your pets collar. Your pet can be a super hero too!
  • Storm Pooper

    A cute parody tag 'Storm Pooper' is a great collar accessory for any Star Wars or Storm Trooper Fan.
  • Sulley (Monsters Inc) Cartoon

    This "scary" monster from the movie Monsters Inc. is a fan favourite for many! If you're a Sulley fan (or perhaps Sulley is your pets namesake) this is a great addition to any collar!
  • Star Dogs (Wars)

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... A tag for any Star Dogs (Star Wars) fan.
  • Oscar the Grouch

    Is your pet a little like Oscar the Grouch? This fan art tag design looks great on any collar.
  • The Lord of the Treats

    Are you a Lord of the Rings Fan? Then your pet is probably a fan of the parody movie called The Lord of the Treats!
  • The Flash

    Is your pet's favorite super hero the Flash? This emblem design looks great on any collar.
  • Snuggle My Muggle

    Does your pet give the best Snuggles? And perhaps a Harry Potter fan? This ID tag is perfect for the pet that loves to Snuggle their Muggle.
  • Platform 9¾ (Harry Potter)

    Every Harry Potter fan knows that Platform 9¾, located at King's Cross Station, is where the Hogwarts Express is magically concealed - a perfect pet ID tag for the die-hard fans!
  • Live Long and PAWsper

    For the Star Trek fans in our life, we have the Live Long and Pawsper tag.
  • Cookie Monster

    Who doesn't love this blue puppet! This fan art tag design looks great on any collar and is perfect for the Cookie Monster in your life.
  • Michelangelo TMNT Fan Art

    Are you (or your pet) a TMNT fan? If so, then this bright and vibrant tag will look great on their collar…. Heroes in a half shell!
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