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  • Rowhouses

    A colorful and whimsical design of traditional rowhouses in Newfoundland.
  • Stuffy Destroyer

    Does your pet destroy their toys within minutes of having them? Rip out all the stuffing? Then the 'Stuffy Destroyer' tag is perfect for them!
  • Rainbow Pride Flag

    Pets don't discriminate; Love is Love. Show your Pride with our tags imprinted with the Pride Flag.
  • I Steal Undies

    Does your pet go through the laundry and steal your undies? Pet shame them with this 'I Steal Undies' Pet tag.
  • The Snuggle is Real

    Some pets just really know how to Snuggle! If your pet gives the best snuggles, then our "The Snuggle is Real" pet ID tag is a perfect fit.
  • Suit & Tie Formal Wear

    This fun and formal suit and tie pet tag is a great touch to your pet's collar for that special day.
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