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  • I Eat Shit

    Whether it's snacking from the litter box or at the park, some pets just eat shit. A nice warning tag to those going in for pet kisses.
  • Skeet Alert (NL)

    A warning design for the Newfoundland term 'Skeet' - a phrase commonly for somone or somedog that's a 'hard case'. So if your pet gets into trouble, then they're a skeet!
  • WARNING Can't Control Licker

    Is your pet a constant licker? Always giving kisses? Warn others of the uncontrollable urge that your pet has to constantly lick!
  • WARNING Crotch Sniffer

    Does your pet get a little to close sometimes? Warn others of your pets habit with our Crotch Sniffer Tag.
  • WARNING Sloppy Kisser

    Does your pet give sloppy kisses? Add this tag to their collar as a courtesy warning to others!
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