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  • Abstract Spikes

    Add some spunk to your pet's collar with this spiked design.
  • Attention Whore!

    Does one of your pets steal all the attention? Then this tag is a comical one for them.
  • Autism Awareness Puzzle

    Support Autism Awareness with a full puzzle imprint.
  • Autism Awareness Ribbon

    Support Autism Awareness with a puzzle patterned ribbon.
  • Be Mine

    A cute ID tag to make anyone or any pet feel special - Hang the 'Be Mine' pet ID tag on your pets collar for this Valentine's Day or any day of the week!
  • Beware of Dog Kisses

    Does your dog love to give kisses? Do you feel obligated to warn others? The our Beware of Dog Kisses tag will give them fair warning!
  • Bone of Candy Canes

    Add a festive touch to your pet's collar with our Candy Cane Bone tag.
  • Bowzinga!

    Bowzinga! We all know a pet who loves Sheldon!
  • British Columbia Tartan

    Your pet can be fashionable and show pride in British Columbia in this tartan design.
  • Canadian Maple Leaf

    Celebrate Canada Day (or all year round) with our Maple Leaf design, one of Canada's National symbols.
  • Canadiens Jersey

    Is your pet (or you) a Canadiens fan? Show your team spirit during the hockey season with our Canadiens Jersey design.
  • Candy Cane Stripes (Red)

    Add a simple yet festive touch to your pet's collar with our Candy Cane stripes pet tag.
  • Christmas Bow Tie

    Add a festive flare to your pet's collar with our striped Holiday season bow tie.
  • Dear Santa… I Can Explain

    Has your pet ended up on Santa's Naughty List? Surely your pet can explain - a cute and festive pet ID tag perfect for this holiday season.
  • Diamond Rainbow

    Show your support for the LGBT+ community with this tag imprinted with a diamond pattern shape in the rainbow colors.
  • Digital Rainbow

    Like Color? This tag will surely stand out during your next trip to the park.
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