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  • Bat Shit Crazy

    Celebrate this Halloween with our "Bat Shit Crazy" pet tag! This tag design can also be worn all year round for the pets that are a little extra crazy!
  • Gone Wild

    Take a walk on the wild side with our leopard print 'Gone Wild' pet tag.
  • Halloween Pattern

    A Pet ID Tag with a simple Halloween pattern to add a bit of seasonal flare to your pet's collar while out trick or treating or giving out treats.
  • Hear Me Roar

    Is your cat (or pet) a vocal one? Or rules the roost? Our Hear Me Roar Tag is fun, colorful and to the point.
  • I'm a Sleeven

    The Newfoundland term Sleeveen refers to a schemer or trickster; sly or a mischievous child
  • Insert Treat Here

    If your pet loves treats then this cute tag will let everyone know where treats can be deposited.
  • Kidney Cancers, MS, Leukemia & Lymphoma Awareness Ribbon

    The orange ribbon shows support and awareness for Kidney Cancer, Leukemia & Lymphoma, ADHD, Multiple Sclerosis, and Animal Protection.
  • Leopard Pattern

    Take a walk on the wild side with our leopard print pet tag.
  • Licks for Treats

    Your pet will gladly trade off some Licks for Treats this Halloween! A cute tag for the pet who goes trick or treating with their fellow humans!
  • November Birthstone

    Celebrate your pet's birthday or gotcha day month with their own birthstone pet tag!
  • Pet Water/Food Bowl

    This bowl pattern is a unique and colorful design and looks great imprinted on our tags.
  • Pumpkin Cartoon

    Get your pet into the spirit of Halloween with this adorable Pumpkin cartoon pet ID tag! Add the Ghost and Frankenstein cartoon tags to complete the set!
  • Pup Fiction

    Did your pet love Pup Fiction? Our Pulp Fiction parody tag will look great on their collar.
  • Sheds Hair. Don't Care.

    Let's face it, most pets leave a trail of fur for you to clean everyday. But do they care? Likely not. A funny phrase to the daily struggle of fur left behind by our pets.
  • Spider Web Pattern

    Is your pet celebrating Halloween this year? Our vibrant Spider Web pattern design will be a striking accent to any collar out trick or treating.
  • Tiger Pattern

    Take a walk on the wild side with our tiger print pet tag.
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