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  • Always on Crumb Patrol

    Does your pet have sonic senses at the sound of a crumb dropping to the floor? Or always on the sniff for floor crumbs? Then our Crumb Patrol Pet ID tag is a perfect fit for their collar!
  • Bitches Love Me

    Does your pet turn heads at the park? Or have a following of groupies? This tag says it all.
  • Cat of the Groom

    Is your pet going to be a part of your upcoming Wedding? This tag is perfect for the Groom's Cat.
  • Dog of the Groom

    Is your pet going to be a part of your upcoming Wedding? This tag is perfect for the Groom's Pet.
  • Eyes in the Dark

    Celebrate Halloween with our "spooky" Eyes in the Dark tag.
  • Glowing Eyes

    Our Glowing Eyes tag design is great for Halloween and can be on all year round too!
  • Halloween Pattern

    A Pet ID Tag with a simple Halloween pattern to add a bit of seasonal flare to your pet's collar while out trick or treating or giving out treats.
  • Happy Halloween (Haunted House)

    Taking your pet out this Halloween? Add some spook to their pet collar with our Haunted House design.
  • How You Doin?

    If your pet is 'smooth' like Joey, then our 'How You Doin?' pet ID tag is perfect for your pet.
  • Lick or Treat

    A simple tag design for the pet who's going trick or treating with their fellow humans - Lick or Treat!
  • Ring Bearer

    Is your pet going to be the Ring Bearer in your Wedding? This tag adds the perfect touch to your pet's collar!
  • Rock and Roll (Guitar)

    A pet ID tag for the Rock and Roll fan that will look sharp on any pet collar!
  • Seeing Stars

    Is your pet a star? Accent their collar with our Abstract Stars design.
  • Snowball Catcher (Pattern)

    Does your pet love the first sign of snow? Do they wiggle with excitement in anticipation for you to make a snowball? Then our Snowball Catcher tag would be great addition to their collar.
  • Sock Thief

    Do socks go missing in your house? Does your pet collect them from the laundry basket (clean or dirty)? Then they are the Sock Thief!
  • The 'Barking' Dead

    Pets are going crazy over the new hit show 'The Barking Dead' - if your pet is a huge fan then this is the tag for them!
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