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  • Addicted to Stuffies

    Does your pet go wild when they get a new Stuffy Toy? Do they shake with excitement? Then the 'Addicted to Stuffies' tag is perfect for them!
  • Always on Crumb Patrol

    Does your pet have sonic senses at the sound of a crumb dropping to the floor? Or always on the sniff for floor crumbs? Then our Crumb Patrol Pet ID tag is a perfect fit for their collar!
  • Fuck this Shit.

    A naughty tag for the pet that has attitude - a tag that says what your pet is thinking!
  • Harry Pugger

    The Harry Pugger parody tag is a perfect fit for that adorable pug in your life!
  • I ate Santa's Cookies

    Does your pet loooove cookies? Do they sneak out Christmas Eve and sneak a sample from Santa's tray? This cute design is a great addition to their collar this holiday season.
  • I Define Naughty

    If your pet is the definition of naughty, then this tag is for them.
  • I Eat Shit

    Whether it's snacking from the litter box or at the park, some pets just eat shit. A nice warning tag to those going in for pet kisses.
  • Love (Heart) My Wiener

    Do you have a pet who loves their wiener? Or perhaps your pet is a wiener dog! A funny tag for their collar that is definitely a conversation starter!
  • Mom & Dad just got Engaged

    Let your pet help you announce your engagement to your friends and family.
  • Proud Canadian Beaver

    Show your love for Canada with this tag design featuring one of Canada's National symbols, the Beaver, and the Canadian Flag.
  • Shit Happens

    It Happens… Shit that is. Whether it's unfortunate luck or literally shit, this tag adds comical relief to your pet's collar.
  • Stinker

    We all know that one pet that could clear the room whether in gas or solid form! Give warning to those you come in contact with your pet, that he/she is a "Stinker"
  • Stuffy Destroyer

    Does your pet destroy their toys within minutes of having them? Rip out all the stuffing? Then the 'Stuffy Destroyer' tag is perfect for them!
  • The Lord of the Treats

    Is your pet all about the treats? Then they are the Lord of the Treats! This is a perfect tag to let people know your pet loves their treats.
  • Turd Burglar

    Has your pet been caught indulging in fresh turd? Frozen turd? Or any turd? The Turd Burglar strikes again!
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